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The PLIM group essentially services three major fields: ideas, their discovery and realization and research and development, including everything involved in the process of manufacturing and, last but not least, marketing in all market segments – all of this happens in a new dimension of speed and adaptive power tailored to the individual desires and requirements of our customers.

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For inventors

You have an invention that you wish to bring to market successfully, regardless of whether at the stage of an idea, a prototype or possibly much farther along? Then this is the right place for you. PLIM has refined its expertise to a competitive advantage in implementing ideas and patents as well as in the manufacture of various product groups worldwide, and has done so for decades in Asia.
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Production & Marketing

A new spirit in mass marketing is leading to the implementation of innovative patents and ideas. A number of inventions have already been made fit for the market and delivered by the millions. Here, we benefit from our vast network as well as over 25 years of experience.

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You will find a selection of innovative products and developments in the PLIM shop. Browse for the latest technical ideas.
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